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Teamwork helps solve problems

Collaboration within a group can help solve difficult problems.
Brainstorming is a good opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things.
By working together, teams can find the solutions that work best.

Brand Fusion

Teams must put their creative hats on in order to build a coordinated advertising campaign across a variety of mediums. Campaigns must include print, radio and TV adverts and culminates in the final ‘client briefing’, where all will be revealed!


Design your own customised event by selecting from a wide range of activities available to challenge your team to work together. Delegates will be divided into teams and each team will create a team name, flag and a war cry. The teams will then rotate between the challenges every fifteen minutes. Points are awarded to the teams according to the positions in which they finish.

Collabor - Art

Delegates are split into smaller teams and made responsible for creating a section of a large art “Masterpiece.” No one is aware of what this “Masterpiece” looks like, however teams will need to collaborate and work together to make sure that they are all on the right track.

Footloose Amazing Race

A fantastic, fun filled event and is a great way of getting your delegates outdoors and participating. Sight, sound, touch, and taste will all be put to the test, not to mention keeping your eyes open along the route. With the help of a compass and cryptic clues, teams have to navigate their way through the route.

Win It Team Challenge

A fun programme with an emphasis on a ‘Minute to Win it’ type structure. Teams compete against each other in a series of specially designed indoor activities. Challenges are different, fun and mentally stimulating. Teams of participants compete against each other as they rotate between each of the challenges. At each challenge the teams are awarded points according to the position they finish in.

Giant Foosball

Giant Foosball comprises of an inflatable perimeter wall and goal posts. Various games are available which are suitable for both big and small groups. Players have to be physically able, however, fitness is not a pre-requisite. Players are attached to each other with harnesses and are only able to move from side to side. The teams have to overcome their restrictions by synchronizing their movements.

Collaborative Games

Our collaborative games exercises are a new approach to team building aimed at the Big Prize. They require individuals to work within constantly changing teams in order to contribute to their success. Our customised technology ensures a collective effort is required to achieve success in various challenges. Strategy, communication, trust, planning and most importantly collaboration are needed to achieve greater heights.

Catwalk Collaboration

Teams are required to create a Fashion Range that complement one another, yet each design will be rated on its own. Points will be awarded for how your team manages to pull the overall objective to the Grand Finale. The scoring is done on a strict scoring system. You will be required to make use of materials provided, to produce and ensemble that is creative, has a brand name, fits well and is showcased at the end of the activity.

Movie Making

This is a fun, highly interactive program where every single person can get involved, regardless of their age, level of fitness or physical abilities. Each team works together to write a script, produce, direct and act in the “Movie” using limited resources. Teams are given a “Movie Making Kit” which contains an assortment of materials, props and ‘goodies’.


Get your delegates moving to the latest dance moves. After doing this activity you will have a team that will be TOP OF THE CHARTS! It is a relatively high energy event, but it really gets your group in a ‘feel-good’ state either at the start or end of your conference or event. We turn this experience into a MUSIC video and if outdoor, can include drone footage.

Soap Box Grand Prix

Delegates need to design, build and decorate a box cart in a specific time allocated. We supply building kits for both activities respectively. Team members can choose if you want them to Race Against a Clock or each other. Once the box carts have been built, you can donate them to a charity or children’s home!

Cardboard Regatta

Your delegates are broken up into teams where they need to come up with a boat building plan. We provide you with all the materials necessary to make your floatation device and it’s up to you to choose your finest captain, crew, first engineer and maintenance manager. Scoring is time based. This activity is enormous fun. It’s a fun way to get staff to work together on a project they have never embarked on before, in the work place as well as at the event.

Building Bridges

Delegates compete against one another on a cumulatively built race track. All teams are given the same tools and equipment to Build a Strong Bridge that can endure the Race Adrenalin that comes in the second half of the Team Building Activity. Teams gear up with remote control vehicles where a relay race takes place and the winning team takes the Trophy. During this time, team mates are the support and motivational crew for the driver.

Puppet Show

This team building activity is where teams need to pull all the strings and work together. The project will need to be broken down into achievable steps and then your team will construct a working gigantic marionette that can walk, dance and give a big hug to the facilitator. This is the chance where your team can breathe life into their puppet and perform dance moves to the likes of Samsara.

Move & Groove

The Move & Grove event has been created to engage the clients in a fun and
entertaining way using interactive dance as the platform.