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Your role as a facilitator

Solid leadership is a key to team performance and the Management Team has a vital role to play in ensuring that their team works well together and are able to reach their targets and goals.
They need the skill to engage individuals and help them to find their place in the team.

Murder By Numbers

A problem solving murder mystery where teams must attempt to share clues, gather evidence and name the culprit. But there is a twist - YOU CAN’T TRUST EVERYONE!

Collaborative Games

Our collaborative games exercises are a new approach to team building aimed at the Big Prize. They require individuals to work within constantly changing teams in order to contribute to their success. Our customised technology ensures a collective effort is required to achieve success in various challenges. Strategy, communication, trust, planning and most importantly collaboration are needed to achieve greater heights.

Going For Profit

A Dynamic business simulation game that will catch your imagination and reinforce practical business concepts in a fun, competitive environment. Teams must test their entrepreneurial skills against one another. Cameras add an exciting new dimension to the presentation and additional marketing elements provide something for everyone!

EMS Challenge

The EMS Challenge activity provides great spectator value and participation excitement. Focused on the theme of the brave teams of men and women who venture into dangerous situations, this is an exciting new option for bigger groups.

The Executive Wine Bar Games

The superior connotation associated with wine sets the basis for an experience that lends itself to upper management groups. A dynamic business simulation game that will catch your imagination and reinforce practical business concepts in a fun, competitive environment.

Run The Bistro

This is a real live bistro set up where all delegates have to take on the role of an employee in the bistro. In order for this bistro to run optimally you will need the following roll players, Maître D Waitress, Sommelier, Barmen, Head Chef, Chef, scullar, Manager. In addition to these roles, you will be required to set the mood, design a menu, plan your strategy, and deal with guests who might complain. The use of a fully operation day time bistro is included in this activity that is available at NIGHT for this event or a Casual Clubhouse feel with a Pizza oven.


The activity with the WOW factor! Eldorado! Prepares staff to go back to work understanding why a 'silo' mentality is counter-productive and the value of seeing the organisation as ONE BIG TEAM. Ideal conference or away-day activity.