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Kitchen Classics

When a team combines cooking a meal with sitting down to eat together, the organisation can build strong bonds between employees.
These bonds can carry over to the conference room, enabling problem-solving, improved collaboration, and increased productivity.

Potjiekos Competition

Potjiekos is a traditional South African Meal. It takes skill to bring out all the flavours in a meal like this and is usually done around a fire, where participants, relax, have fun and laugh. We have brought in the competitive side of the event by building teams. The teams need to collaborate with one another in order to plan the best tasting meal.

Blind Fold Cake Collab

Each Team is given identical cake ingredients and tools for the job. This activity pushes boundaries, requires planning and everyone to work a team as well as collaborative skills involving the opposing team. Each Group needs to construct and decorate a cake, all while blindfolded and then present to the Head Facilitator for judging.


This activity has sparked many to become a wine connoisseur. Get to taste and blend a variety of wines whilst having fun and competing with your colleagues to produce the best bottle of wine. The activity doesn’t stop there, you get to bottle your own wine as a reminder of this fantastic experience as well as design a wine label.


This event is an interactive event where you are enlightened about different South African Gins. You get the opportunity to taste 4 – 6 different Gins and mixers. We provide all the glassware, equipment and dressings for your drinks. The idea is to taste a selection of gins that are from different distilleries. We teach you how to pair the correct accompaniments and provide you with a selection of condiments for you to play and experiment with.

Shake It Up

A demonstration is given starting with a delicious smoothie that all delegates are able to taste. Further demonstrations of three different cocktails are given. A task is given to the teams and the winner is the first to select their ingredients followed by the runner up teams. Tips and facilitation are given whilst the teams are preparing their concoctions. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available.

Run The Bistro

This is a real live bistro set up where all delegates have to take on the role of an employee in the bistro. In order for this bistro to run optimally you will need the following roll players, Maître D Waitress, Sommelier, Barmen, Head Chef, Chef, scullar, Manager. In addition to these roles, you will be required to set the mood, design a menu, plan your strategy, and deal with guests who might complain. The use of a fully operation day time bistro is included in this activity that is available at NIGHT for this event or a Casual Clubhouse feel with a Pizza oven.

Ready Steady Cook

All aprons on!!! Teams will have to create Culinary sensations that will set themselves apart from the rest. Mystery Baskets will be issued and teams will have a few minutes to come up with a 3 course menu that could take the main award. Once the judging has been done, teams will sit down and enjoy their meals they have created.

The Master Class

This is a fun, highly interactive programme where every single person can get involved, regardless of their age, level of fitness or physical abilities. Each team works together to write a script, produce, direct and act in the “Movie” using limited resources. Teams are given a “Movie Making Kit” which contains an assortment of materials, props and ‘goodies’. Everyone has to tap into both their creative and practical abilities as they start to produce their movie.

Wine Pairing Options

Wine and food pairing is the process of pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience. The main concept behind pairings is that certain elements (such as texture and flavour) in both food and wine interact with each other, and thus finding the right combination of these elements will make the entire dining experience more enjoyable. Let us take you on a taste journey while you experience pairing of wine, chocolate, cheese and biltong.

Chocolate Tasting

Enjoying high-quality chocolate is an experience like no other. The flavours are rich and complex, and there is a large variation in flavours among various chocolates. Let us take you on a taste experience where we explore the origins of chocolate!

Oh Crumbs

If you are looking for your team to ‘RISE TO THE CHALLENGE’ whilst having fun. This is a hands on culinary masterclass where delegates are taught to make different kinds of bread – without an oven. It is an interactive event where everyone can partake. Great for delegates that are new to a team and KNEAD to get to know one another on a social level.

Build A Burger

Here’s a fun idea for your next event. How does a Build Your Own Burger Competition sound to you? You provide the options, while your delegates bring their appetites and creativity.